Hello and welcome to the Colony Developer Portal! Here you can find resources, links and tools to quickly get started with building on top of the Colony Network ecosystem.

Here at Colony everything we create is open source and available transparently to anyone interested. If you feel like supporting us by investing some of your time and brain power, you’re more than welcome to contribute to one of our projects.

Want to dive right in?

Excited to get started? Here’s a couple of things you can try right away:

<aside> πŸͺ› Check out Colony SDK, our entry-grade developer library, and its documentation


<aside> 🦜 Help building our Discord Bot


<aside> 🏁 Check out the Colony Missions to find a developer mission with a generous bounty 😊


A couple of more options

<aside> πŸ›  Are you a Solidity Developer or aspiring to becoming one? Check out the Colony Network Smart Contracts


<aside> πŸ’…πŸΎ Are you a Frontend Developer and would like to work on our main user interface, the Colony Dapp? Feel free to look for issues that could fit you!


<aside> 🌐 Want to build something interfacing with the Colony contracts? ColonyJS might be for you!


What is this?

The Colony Network is an extensive framework of Smart Contracts and useful tools that help you get started with your DAO. Check out our homepage for more details:

The best way to build your DAO | Colony

Need to talk to a human?

Join our Discord and send a direct message to Chris (chmanie#5800) or an email ([email protected]).

Join the Colony Discord Server!

The Colony ecosystem

To know where to start as a developer it’s best to understand the structure of all of the components that make up the Colony ecosystem. Here we break down the main parts and link to their respective places of construction πŸ™‚

The Colony Whitepaper